Award-winning Author JT Ellison Selects Odyl for Book Marketing on Facebook

Thriller Author More than Triples Facebook Fans in First Week

New York – Oct. 6, 2011Odyl (, the first social marketing platform for book publishers and authors on Facebook, announced that acclaimed novelist JT Ellison is using its platform to promote her recently-launched seventh novel, “Where All the Dead Lie.” Within just one week of the book’s launch on Sept. 20, Ellison increased her Facebook fans by 250 percent.

Designed specifically to help publishers of all sizes, as well as individual authors, grow their audience and drive sales, Odyl leverages Facebook’s 800 million+ membership and the power of social discovery to amplify “social reading” and the natural sharing of great content among friends. Its features are uniquely tailored for sharing between authors and readers.

Ellison is using her Odyl-powered Facebook page to create exciting connections with her readers, offering exclusive content, excerpts, giveaways, polls, interviews, and trailers. Using Odyl’s intuitive platform, Ellison can quickly enter her latest content and appearances, giving her readers something to talk about. Ellison also uses Odyl to give her readers one-stop access on Facebook to all her content, including her blog, Twitter stream, videos and news.

“Thanks to Facebook and Odyl, readers now have unprecedented access to authors like me,” said Ellison. “Having a two-way conversation with my readers matters. Facebook is, after all, where our culture’s conversation is happening. Odyl is helping me find new ways to connect with and grow my readership. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made.”

According to Ellison, Facebook provides an alternative to book tours which can be expensive and time-consuming, and often overwhelming for shy readers. “Via Facebook, readers and I can replicate the connection of meeting in-person. I can amplify this using Odyl to offer fans exclusive giveaways, like signed copies, free short stories and insider secrets about the books.”

“Publishers care about an author’s platform and reach, as it begins to answer the difficult question ‘How many books can we sell?’” said Odyl CEO, Mike Taylor. “While many publishers participate in author marketing, most authors still have to market themselves. Until Odyl, authors have done this without tools designed specifically for their needs. Now, Odyl lets authors quickly propel their Facebook marketing to new heights in a way perfectly suited to books and readers. JT Ellison is a great example of what’s possible here.”

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About Odyl

Odyl is a social marketing technology company, focused on the unique needs of book publishers and authors. Odyl’s audience development platform provides a proven way for publishers – including the Big Six – and authors to find, engage and grow their audience, leveraging the reach and sharing power of Facebook. Odyl enables deep connections between readers and the authors who inspire them, and builds real-world sales. More at and on the Odyl blog.

Xconomy: Odyl Launches Facebook Platform for Authors and Publishers

… Another Big Apple company has started up with a Facebook marketing solution—this one for the book industry. Odyl, founded by veterans of HotJobs, rolled out a software platform today that’s designed to help publishers and authors connect with readers. Full story here.

Odyl Launches with a Facebook Audience Development Platform for Book Publishers and Authors

Odyl helps authors and publishers find, engage and grow their audience on Facebook

New York – Sept. 13, 2011Odyl ( today unveiled the first social marketing platform designed specifically for book publishers and authors to help them connect and share with readers. Designed for publishing houses of all sizes as well as individual authors, Odyl’s audience development platform leverages Facebook’s vast membership and social power to amplify word-of-mouth and sharing of great content in order to grow their audiences and drive sales.

Available publicly starting today, the Odyl platform is already used to manage millions of fans by the “Big Six” publishing houses (Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Group, Random House and Simon & Schuster), as well as numerous New York Times bestselling authors including Katie Couric, Suze Orman, and Janet Evanovich.

Random House Publishing Group uses Odyl’s tools for the Facebook presence of #1 New York Times bestselling author, Janet Evanovich. They created a branded page with polls, quizzes, video, virtual gifts and excerpts to keep conversations buzzing among Evanovich’s large Facebook fan base. Engagement numbers are stellar, with the app reaching an estimated 600,000 Facebook users in the first 3 months.

“There is no denying that social media has been a top priority for us, with word-of-mouth having such a powerful impact on people’s reading choices,” said Matt Schwartz, V.P., director of digital marketing Strategy and Product Development at Random House Publishing Group. “Creating and managing Janet’s Facebook-enabled book promotion was simple, cost-effective and very successful.  Odyl’s technology helped us build buzz and engagement that forges deeper connections between Janet and her audience. It gives readers the chance to engage and share content related to Janet’s novels more than ever before.”

Book publishing is a changing, vibrant market moving strongly into digital and social marketing. However, building an online audience for authors and books is no small task for publishers with hundreds, if not thousands, of individual titles in a given year. Rapidly scalable and featuring tools designed for the specific needs of publishers and authors, the Odyl Software-as-a-Service platform is a proven social marketing system that transforms passionate readers into vocal evangelists. Unique features of the Odyl platform include:

  • Exclusive author/book content – Offer book excerpts, trailers, author interviews, music playlists, games and more in exchange for people giving you a ‘Like.’
  • Reader growth – Track key audience metrics and understand reader profiles like never before.
  • Simplicity – No programming required.
  • Publisher giveaways – Provide books, galleys, e-readers, trips and other great prizes, all conforming to Facebook’s promotion guidelines.
  • Reader polls, quizzes, virtual gifts – Create provocative and fun quizzes about authors, characters and offer free, branded gifts that fans give to friends.
  • Goodreads reviews and other content – Automatically import reviews, author blog posts, tour dates, Scribd docs, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and many more feeds.
  • Photo and writing contests – Harness Facebook photo sharing so that fans’ entire friend networks come to your page to vote on friends’ pictures.

“Avon has used Odyl’s tools successfully for over a year in support of our marketing efforts on Facebook,” said Pamela Spengler-Jaffee, senior publicity director, Avon/Morrow at HarperCollins Publishers. “We created the ‘Pretty New Face’ tab for our Avon Romance Facebook page to offer our readers access to giveaways, excerpts, book trailers, fun quizzes and seductive polls. Over the past year, we’ve more than doubled audience and readers have published nearly a million News Feed stories to their friends directly from the Odyl-powered Pretty New Face app.”

“Social media is a perfect fit for the content-rich world of book publishing, which is why publishers are shifting their digital strategies to invest heavily in social marketing. They understand that a successful launch and healthy shelf life depend on reaching and engaging a large audience,” said Mike Taylor, Odyl CEO. “Without a proper social media push, authors may just as well be passing out copies of a book from their front steps on a rainy day. Odyl helps authors and readers bond in exciting and previously unachievable ways, bringing readers into the author’s world and massively expanding the trusted friend-to-friend relationship on Facebook. This connection sells books.”

About Odyl

Odyl is a social marketing technology company, focused on the unique needs of book publishers and authors. Odyl’s audience development platform provides a proven way for publishers – including the Big Six – and authors to find, engage and grow their audience, leveraging the reach and sharing power of Facebook. Odyl enables deep connections between readers and the authors who inspire them, and builds real-world sales. More at and on the Odyl blog.

Workman Publishing chose Odyl to promote their fun, smart Brain Quest brand.

First published in 1992, Brain Quest is the fast-paced, curriculum-based educational game that challenges kids on the stuff they need to know, when they need to know it. Children, parents, and teachers all love this innovative game. Since its creation, Brain Quest has been licensed for workbooks, board games, electronic games, software, and puzzles to add a big dose of “fun” into learning!

Brain Quest Fans click on the Quizzes + More Tab to take challenging Quizzes and share fun and encouraging Virtual Gifts. Fans challenge themselves with three increasingly difficult Brain Quest quizzes including Are you Smarter Than a 1st Grader?, Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader? and A Brain Quest Quiz for a Road Trip! Fans send Virtual Gifts to tell their friends they are Brainy and Beautiful! and It’s fun to be smart! To see the full page, click here!

The Penguin Press chose Odyl to promote David Matthews’ new book KICKING ASS AND SAVING SOULS

Dedicated to publishing literary nonfiction and select fiction, The Penguin Press was founded in 2003 by Ann Godoff who launched its distinguished list of award-winning and bestselling authors in the Winter of 2004. Since then, The Penguin Press has published numerous New York Times and national bestsellers, earning an array of prestigious prizes and citations that include the Pulitzer Prize, the James Beard Award, the Orange Prize, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Man Asian Prize, the Mark Lynton History Prize, the Arthur Ross Book Award, the Sidney Hillman Foundation Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

On the Exclusive Content/Extras tab, fans can read an exclusive Excerpt of David Matthew’s new book Kicking Ass and Saving Souls. The novel is the true story of a boy from Baltimore who evolves from a safe-cracking, jewel-heisting, deep-sea diving, ultimate-fighting, international playboy into a globetrotting humanitarian. Fans can also enter a Giveaway to win one of five free copies of Matthew’s new book. To view the full page, click here.

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