Award-winning Author JT Ellison Selects Odyl for Book Marketing on Facebook

Thriller Author More than Triples Facebook Fans in First Week

New York – Oct. 6, 2011Odyl (, the first social marketing platform for book publishers and authors on Facebook, announced that acclaimed novelist JT Ellison is using its platform to promote her recently-launched seventh novel, “Where All the Dead Lie.” Within just one week of the book’s launch on Sept. 20, Ellison increased her Facebook fans by 250 percent.

Designed specifically to help publishers of all sizes, as well as individual authors, grow their audience and drive sales, Odyl leverages Facebook’s 800 million+ membership and the power of social discovery to amplify “social reading” and the natural sharing of great content among friends. Its features are uniquely tailored for sharing between authors and readers.

Ellison is using her Odyl-powered Facebook page to create exciting connections with her readers, offering exclusive content, excerpts, giveaways, polls, interviews, and trailers. Using Odyl’s intuitive platform, Ellison can quickly enter her latest content and appearances, giving her readers something to talk about. Ellison also uses Odyl to give her readers one-stop access on Facebook to all her content, including her blog, Twitter stream, videos and news.

“Thanks to Facebook and Odyl, readers now have unprecedented access to authors like me,” said Ellison. “Having a two-way conversation with my readers matters. Facebook is, after all, where our culture’s conversation is happening. Odyl is helping me find new ways to connect with and grow my readership. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made.”

According to Ellison, Facebook provides an alternative to book tours which can be expensive and time-consuming, and often overwhelming for shy readers. “Via Facebook, readers and I can replicate the connection of meeting in-person. I can amplify this using Odyl to offer fans exclusive giveaways, like signed copies, free short stories and insider secrets about the books.”

“Publishers care about an author’s platform and reach, as it begins to answer the difficult question ‘How many books can we sell?’” said Odyl CEO, Mike Taylor. “While many publishers participate in author marketing, most authors still have to market themselves. Until Odyl, authors have done this without tools designed specifically for their needs. Now, Odyl lets authors quickly propel their Facebook marketing to new heights in a way perfectly suited to books and readers. JT Ellison is a great example of what’s possible here.”

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Odyl is a social marketing technology company, focused on the unique needs of book publishers and authors. Odyl’s audience development platform provides a proven way for publishers – including the Big Six – and authors to find, engage and grow their audience, leveraging the reach and sharing power of Facebook. Odyl enables deep connections between readers and the authors who inspire them, and builds real-world sales. More at and on the Odyl blog.

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